We are a dedicated team who do our best every waking hour to provide you with a reliable cannabis hub with the best selection on the market. Our mantra is quality over quantity – we hope you can feel that in the selection and service. We actively listen to all your input and implement improvements that will make the experience better for you every time you visit us.

Do you have something on your mind? Then write to us at support@weedshop.dk . We see everything you write.
We are a Danish established company with a vision of being a universe of experiences and in the coming time you will meet us in connection with everything from music to cultural experience


We took over in connection with Distortion Saxogade, and held a BLAST of a party for +4000 happy festival guests. The program consisted of, among other things, JJ Paulo, Lay, Dibset, Zuuz, Tactical and many more. Experience or relive the atmosphere with our aftermovie!

CO2 Neutral Website Certifikat

Dette certifikat bekræfter, at Weedshop.dk deltager i klimainitiativet "CO2 neutrale hjemmesider". Kulstofudledningen fra både hjemmesiden og brugerne af hjemmesiden er blevet neutraliseret gennem opbygning af nye vedvarende energikilder, forskellige CO2-reducerende projekter og ved køb af certificerede CO2-kvoter, som er godkendt af de relevante statslige institutioner.

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