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Legal cannabis in Denmark

What is hash?

Hash is a form of concentrated cannabis that is created by pressing and condensing the potent glands that produce resin from the cannabis plant. The result is a harder and darker lump with a unique aroma. Hash is generally more potent than regular cannabis due to the concentration of cannabinoids.

What is tent compared to hashish?
In the old days, tent hash was more widespread as the form of production is more primitive, however more sustainable as the plants are not harvested unless they could no longer produce new trichome crystals. The resin was harvested by rolling the hands around the plant until the resin settled in the hands. The hash resin was further kneaded until it formed a less sticky tent hash lump. Since at no point in the process do you pick anything from the plant in this process, you preserve the original plant and only harvest the resin (resin) of the cannabis plant.

Today, this method is still used in some parts of the world, but unfortunately not a model we at Weedshop.dk can accept. A hill appears
risk of bacterial contamination in the process, as it is rolled in the hands and the heat from the hands also emits sweat etc. in the resin.

Weedshop.dk only sells Hash that is produced in a sterile environment according to GMP practices, which means that the Hash products are only produced according to the pressing model. Below, several different approaches are used to make the different types of hash.

The starting point for all our hash products is that they are produced in GMP approved facilities through the pressing method. Weedshop.dk sells both HHC-P Hash, THC-P hash and CBD Hash, produced under GMP-certified conditions.

How is hash made?

Hash is produced by pressing the trichome crystals found on the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. The trichome crystals contain the active substances in cannabis. The purpose of the pressing process is to collect resin, which is the concentrate used to create a dense hash lump

Hash vs. top shot
Hash can offer a more concentrated and potent form of cannabis than the plant's leaves and flowers alone. Hash can also be more convenient to use and transport since it is in a concentrated form.